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Wine's Best-Kept Secret


From our estate in the heart of Austria’s vineyard-rich Burgenland province, we’re proud to present two perfect examples of the iconic Grüner Veltliner (“Gru-Vee”) grapes beloved in Austria but often hard to find abroad. Most of the annual harvest is consumed here in Austria!

By far Austria’s most popular varietal, Gru-Vees have swiftly become sommelier favorites among the world’s best white wines, regularly outshining great Chardonnays and white Burgundies. Elegantly structured, dry, and refreshing, the wine is a perfect complement for an endless variety of dishes as well.

Our family of Gru-Vees is a perfect introduction to the grape, showcasing two different sides of this remarkably expressive grape.

The shores of the Nieusiedlersee, central Europe’s only steppe lake, are the perfect place to cultivate the Gru-Vee grapes for this charming wine, named after one of Austria’s most famous sons, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The wine is light and fresh, packed with the delightful character of young Gru-Vee grapes. Notes of honeydew, and peach are complemented by a well-balanced acidity and soft mouthfeel.

Pairing well with nearly any cuisine, this delicious Gru-Vee is outstanding served with red meats, fish, or poultry.

Wine Facts
12% Alc./Vol.
Dry Extract: 21.4 g/L
Sugar-free Extract: 19.6 g/L
Reducing Sugars: 1.8 g/L
Total Acidity: 7.2 g/L

This remarkable wine showcases the tremendous expressiveness of the Gru-Vee grape, as just a few weeks’ longer aging on our vines brings a whole new character to this explosive, racy white.

Fully vine-ripened grapes are hand-selected to bring a hint of sweetness to the palate, which is well-balanced and remarkably complex. Notes of citrus and orange blossom and a light mineral undercurrent complete a truly musical composition!

Like the best Gru-Vee wines, Concerto is extremely versatile and pairs well with seafood, barbecue, poultry, and grilled or roasted vegetables.

Wine Facts 13% Alc./Vol.
Dry Extract: 22.9 g/L
Sugar-free Extract: 21.0 g/L
Reducing Sugars: 1.9 g/L
Total Acidity: 1.9 g/L